Stop getting accidentally glutened.

Gluten can trigger months of fatigue, brain fog and pain - especially for those with autoimmune or other inflammatory conditions. 

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I've been glutened... over and over.

There was the time I regrettably enjoyed a plate of Texas barbecue...

Another time I downed salad dressing that had gluten-filled soy sauce in it...

And the time test results came back showing I'd been exposed to gluten, but I had no idea how.

The truth is, it's SO easy to ingest gluten inadvertently - even if you're super careful.

You can read ingredient labels and ask at restaurants. But even if the meal you're eating contains NO gluten, there's a chance that it may have come in contact with the same surface as gluten - on the grill, in the toaster, etc.

It's been said that a single crumb can kick off a months-long inflammatory response in gluten-sensitive individuals (and you don't have to be celiac for that to happen).

I found a way to stop accidental exposure for good.

A couple of years ago, I happened to be listening to a podcast when I learned about an enzyme that breaks down gluten to prevent it from being digested - and therefore prevent the associated inflammation.

With further research, I decided to give it a try. You take a few capsules ANYTIME you're not certain about a meal's gluten status, and it's like an insurance policy against gluten exposure.

Since then, I haven't been glutened - to my relief.

Now, I carry the enzyme with me just in case, or pop a few when I'm not sure about a takeout meal - giving me serious peace of mind.


Always be prepared.

Learn more about the product that helps me stay truly gluten-free and avoid health-sabotaging inflammation. And never worry about accidental exposure again.

- Casey Hibbard

P.S. I am an affiliate for Gluten Guardian, but as the editor of Rebuilding My Health, I resolutely won't recommend anything I don't fully believe in. And affiliate commissions help me keep my online magazine running.